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  • 机器人置于自主移动平台上,可以实现更大自由度和更大移动范围。当平台移动到达位置后,由机器视觉做二次定位,机器人在各机台旁作上下料动作。
    An IRB machine is mounted on an automatic mobile plaform, to provide a greater degree of freedom as well as the ability to cover a lager footprint. When the plaform moves to the position, secondary positioning is completed by a robot vision system so that the robot can perform a machine tending application.

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  • 国自室内智能安防巡逻机器人是一种先进的自主巡逻设备,它是一种综合了自主运动,音视频智能识别,危险预警,原地转弯,自主乘坐电梯,人脸识别,人体跟随等多种智能技术相融合的综合性安防平台,可以协助人们完成重要场所的监控巡逻保安工作,同时可结合固定监控和环境大数据的收集分析,构成完整的安防监控系统,有效避免人工巡逻的各种弊端,满足数据中心,酒店,商场,办公区域等室内场所的安全防护要求。
    Guozi indoor intelligent security patrol robot is an autonomous patrol device utilizing multiple intelligent technologies to give it the ability to move autonomously, recognize video and audio, warn about danger situation, pivot turn, take the elevator independently, recognize face, follow the body, etc. It is a multifunctional security platform that can help safe guards to finish the inspection and patrolling in important areas. It can construct an entire security system cooperating with cameras and the collection and analysis of big data, so as to avoid various disadvantages caused by manual patrolling. Security robots can provide the required security level for data center, hotel, shopping mall, office area and other indoor places.

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  • 标准轮式巡检机器人可代替人工进行特殊环境下设备运行状态的检测判断,采用无轨化导航技术,实现设备区域覆盖巡视,并搭载多种传感器进行数据采集,利用数据分析设备状态,预警设备缺陷,保障运行安全。

    Standard wheeled inspection robot can replace people to carry out the detection and judgment of the operating condition of the equipment in special environments. It also provides inspection for the entire equipment area. The robot has multiple sensors to collect data. It utilizes the data to analyze the equipment status and warns about equipment defects so as to ensure safe operations.

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  • 轮式盘点巡检机器通过机器人技术与RFID技术结合的方式,代替人工完成日常盘点,建立仓储管理的信息化新模式,有助于智能化改造升级工作。同时,盘点机器人还搭配有巡检功能,能够实现盘点区域的安防巡检、环境监测、烟雾感应等多种功能,可以有效降低火灾、盗窃等安全隐患,缓解仓库值班人员力量薄弱的问题,提升工作效率。

    At present, the wheeled checking robot has been applied in industries like power stations. Adopting both robot technology and RFID technology, it can replace people to complete daily check, establish new information mode for warehouse management, contribute to intelligent reconstruction and help with upgrading work. Meanwhile, the checking robot has inspection function, which makes it capable of performing multiple tasks including safety inspections, environmental monitoring and smoke detection. It can effectively reduce potential safety hazards like fire disasters and stealing behaviors. It can also reduce the workload for employees to improve efficiency in the workplace.

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  • 轮式操作巡检机器人搭载巡检系统、手眼伺服系统和灭火系统,在满足日常巡检要求的条件下,具备在室内发生异常情况时进行应急操作,实现开关柜控制和火灾扑灭的功能。

    Wheeled operation robot is equipped with inspection system, hand-eye servo system and fire extinguishing system. It can meet the daily inspection demand as well as carry out emergency operations by controlling switched cabinet and performing small-scaled fire extinguishment in case of abnormal indoor conditions.

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  • 挂轨机器人采用悬挂轨道行走方式,爬坡能力强,可实现垂直升降,拥有转弯半径小,狭小空间通过能力强等优势。同时可搭配灭火系统,自动控制防火门并能安全穿越防火门,具备紧急灭火功能。

    Overhead rail inspection robot can walk on an overhead rail. It has strong gradeability that allows it to move vertically. It is featured with small turning radius and excellent capacity to pass through narrow spaces. In case there is a fire, it can automatically control fireproof doors and safely go through the doors, equipped with fire extinguishing system. With this function it is mainly used in urban pipe galleries, power station galleries and substation switchgear rooms, etc.

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  • 国自轻型挂轨机器人采用悬挂轨道行走方式,主要应用于开关室、配电室等室内环境,通过可升降云台实现对设备状态的精确巡检,预警设备缺陷,保障运行安全。

    Guozi Lightweight overhead rail robot walks on overhead rails. It is mainly used in indoor facilities like switch gear rooms and switching room. Its adjustable holder can monitor the conditions of equipment and warn about equipment defects to ensure safe operations in the facilities.

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  • 叉车式AGV可适用于不同高度的载货位,在无需特殊载具的情况下实现货物泊接。国自叉车式自动载货车可实现自动分配任务、自动承载托盘完成升降搬运工作,以实现车间自动化。具有全面完整的安全防护机制,能够做到行驶方向、叉齿运动方向,侧转向方向的全方向防护。

    Forklift AGV can be used to handle cargos placed on different freight heights. With the help of forklift AGV, no other special carriers are needed to transport cargos. Guozi auto freight vehicle can arrange tasks, load trays, lift and transport the freights automatically to achieve workshop automation. It is also featured with safety mechanism that protects the vehicle from potential dangers in its driving direction, lateral turning direction and the direction that the prong is moving towards.

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  • 潜入式AGV可潜入载货车底部,通过平台举升或挂接的方式与载货车实现自动化搬运。国自潜入式自动载货车具有超低车身及优良的运动性能,可降低所要牵引载货车底部高度,实现更好的空间和安全性要求,为整个物流规划和运输通道提供便利。可为用户提供负载能力超过10吨的定制化产品。

    Automated flatbed vehicles can reach the bottom of cargo trucks and transport cargos automatically by wither lifting or hitching the platform.
    It has ultra-low vehicle body and excellent movement performance, which allows the cargo trucks to have a lower undercarriage. It can make better use of space in a safe manner. It provides convenience to the entire logistic planning and transportation industry.
    Products with a load capacity over 10 tons can be customized.

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  • 负载式AGV是国自面向自动化连续生产研制的产品,无需载具即可对货物进行托运,且利用自身的移动装置,能够完全实现自动化的泊接。并且国自可为用户提供负载能力超10吨的定制化产品。

    The automated load vehicles AGV is designed for automatic continuous production. No additional carriers are needed for the vehicle. With its onboard equipment, this AGV can transport goods automatically.
    Guozi can provide customized products with a load capacity above 10 tons.

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  • 牵引式自动载货车可和料车配合使用,将料车牵引至指定地点,并可一次性牵引多台料车。国自牵引式自动载货车最高牵引重量可达16t,最高运行速度3m/s;具有0-3m的速度设置功能,采用无标志物激光导航技术,最下定位精度小于±10mm.可拖挂多节重型车厢,具有完善的安全防护及声光提醒功能,配合车辆调度软件,具有可在红绿灯交通管制的车辆混杂道路等多种复杂路况安全行驶的能力。

    Automated pull vehicles can be used with material vehicles. It can drag multiple material vehicles at a time to the designated location.
    It has a maximum pull weight of 16 ton and a maximum driving speed of 3 meters per second. It has speed setting from 1 to 3. With its non-marked laser navigation technology, it can locate positions with an accuracy of ±10 mm.
    It can tow multiple heavy type wagon boxes. Utilizing complete safety protection & acousto-optic warning function and vehicle dispatching software, it can drive safely in both areas with heavy traffic and routes with complex traffic conditions.

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  • 轻载多向移动式自动载货车具有前进、后退、原地旋转的运动性能,通过挂接、举手,或配置货盘或移动辊进行物料搬运,可在极窄道路实现运输需求。国自轻载多向移动式自动载货车为用户提供了一个轻载的高机动灵活运动平台,具有360度全方位安全保护机制,极小化车身与接近1:1的长宽比设计,为自动运载提供了安全及便利的保障,并且内置车联信息交互系统,配合车辆调度管理系统,能够实现多大百台以上的群体化运行能力。

    Quad vehicle has movement performance like going forward, drawing back and rotating on site. It can carry out material transport by hitching, lifting, tray allocation or roller movement to enable the vehicles to transport goods through narrow paths.
    Quad vehicle is an under-load flexible moving platform. It has 360-degree omni-directional safety protection mechanism. The vehicle body is extremely small with an approximated length-width ratio of 1:1. These features make the vehicle safe and convenient to use. The squad vehicle has built-in vehicle information interactive system and vehicle dispatching management system, which make it possible for over 100 squad vehicles to cooperate and move in groups.

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  • 国自智能安防机器人是一种先进的自主巡逻设备,它是一种综合了自主运动,音视频智能识别,危险预警,智能车位管理等多种智能技术相融合的综合性安防平台,可以协助人们完成重要场所的监控巡逻保安工作,同时可结合固定监控和环境大数据的收集分析,构成完整的安防监控系统,有效避免人工巡逻的各种弊端,满足智慧城市,大型仓储,智慧小区,各类商业综合体等场所的安全防护要求。

    Guozi intelligent security robot is an autonomous patrol device utilizing multiple intelligent technologies to give it the ability to move autonomously, recognize video and audio, warn about danger situation and manage the parking lot. It is a multi-functional security platform that can help safe guards to finish the inspection and patrolling in important areas. It can also cooperate with cameras and collect data to construct an entire security system. Using of security robots can avoid many disadvantages caused by manual patrolling. Security robots can provide the required security level for intelligent cities, large warehouses, intelligent neighborhoods and various business complexes, etc.

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  • 柔性装配系统是由计算机控制的具有高度装配自动化、装配柔性,较高的生产效率及较好的可靠性的自动装配系统。它以机器人为中心,具有极高的生产柔性,这种系统特别适用于产品品种经常更换的装配作业。国自针对中小型部件装配领域,开发了模块化传送单元、柔性供料单元、机械臂装配单元、直角坐标机器人装配单元,智能检测单元等标准化单元,研制了标准总线单元,标准电气借口,定制了包括压铆机,打螺丝机,点胶机的多种专机设备,并在刀具装配,汽车点烟塞装配等细分行业形成了典型案例。

    Flexible assembly system is an automated assembly system with outstanding assembly automation, assembly flexibility, high production efficiency and excellent reliability. It centers on robots. With its high production flexibility, it is suitable for assembling works where the product is changed frequently. For small and medium sized part assembly field, Guozi has developed standardization unit like modular transport unit, flexible feeding unit, mechanical arm assembly unit, Cartesian robot assembly unit, intelligent detection unit, as well as standard bust unit and standard electrical interface. The company has customized special equipment referring to squeeze riveter, screw machines and dispensing machines. Subdivided industries like cutting tool assembly and auto cigar assembly have typical cases where flexible assembly system is applied.

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  • 国自智能分拣意在提供企业生产过程中物料的运输、仓储、分拣、包装、装卸等环节的综合解决方案。针对物流分拣行业特点,集中研发一系列产品,包括AGV搬运机器人、桁架机器人、自动化输送流水线、码垛机器人等,并开发了分拣调度系统、监控系统、数据采集系统等核心控制软件。目前,国自已在轮胎橡胶、五金道具、轴承等生产企业具备了完整的解决方案。

    Guozi intelligent separation system aims to provide comprehensive solutions for transport storage, sorting, packaging, loading, unloading and other procedures of material processing for the enterprise. According to the characteristic of separation industry, the company has developed a series of products including AGV transfer robots, gantry robots, automated transport production lines and stacking robots. It also developed its own core control software including separation dispatching system, monitoring system and data collection system. It’s an honor to mention that Guozi has already offered complete solutions to production enterprises like tire rubber factories, hardware factories and bearing providers.

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